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How To Backcountry Ski Successfully

From basic gear essentials, what to wear, and how to safely choose your line, a new Backcountry How-To video series from Salomon has you covered. Salomon’s stacked roster of athletes takes viewers on a step-by-step process to prepare for an unpredictable, yet long-awaited, winter season.

Each episode focuses on a different aspect of backcountry skiing. Experienced Salomon athletes and guides came together to combine their knowledge and share personal tips and tricks for a successful ski tour. Whether it is a quick lap or an all-day excursion, there is a lot to think about when preparing for a day in the snow.

Each video of the new series breaks things down for a beginner ready to experience the advantages of earning their turns, or even someone seeking a refresher. “Hope for the best, plan for the worst,” Salomon athlete Josh Daiek mentions in Episode 4 of the series. It is important to be prepared, comfortable, and informed in hopes that we do not encounter bad situations. After all, you can never be too informed prior to making decisions in the mountains.

The Backcountry series is an incredible resource for those who don’t know where to begin when it comes to ski touring. “People can expect to learn the basics of how to choose backcountry equipment that’s right for them and how to use it,” Salomon team athlete Stan Rey states.

Rey also emphasizes that this resource is not intended to replace an avalanche safety course, but to provide skills and knowledge you can apply to a field course and use when you are ready to safely hit the skin track.

You can buy all the right gear, and pack all the right things, but if you don’t know how to properly use it, you put your life and others at risk.

“I’m no fortune-teller so I can’t foresee all the changes for the 20/21 ski season, but one thing that I am sure of is that we’ll see a surge in backcountry usage this winter,” says Salomon team athlete Cody Townsend. Townsend has spent the past few winters climbing and skiing 50 of the most classic lines across North America. As an experienced athlete, he urges new backcountry skiers to aim low and start slow.

“Backcountry skiing is an unbelievable rewarding form of skiing, but it can be physically demanding, mentally frustrating, and incredibly dangerous if you’re underprepared,” he adds.

Salomon athletes provide expertise and education throughout the program, which as Cody Townsend mentions is a responsible and prudent step for the ski industry. By the end of their How To Backcountry Ski Video Series, Salomon will offer more than one hour of content designed to introduce backcountry skiing and most importantly help skiers stay safe, healthy, and have fun this winter.